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MOODSTRUCK magnetic lash

Available in two dynamic styles made from vegan silk fibers for a beautiful, cruelty-free lash look.  Designed with 10 magnets—double the number of many standard magnetic lashes—that secure easily to the MOODSTRUCK magnetic eyeliner.  Trimmable and moldable for a comfortable, customizable fit that works for any eye shape and size.
Includes 10 mini-magnet anchors that let you sandwich your natural lashes for a long-lasting hold without the risk of slips.


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MOODSTRUCK magnetic lash

Say goodbye to flyaway falsies and meet your new lash confidant: MOODSTRUCK magnetic lash. Made with vegan silk and designed with a clear band that blends into any look, these strong and secure, easy-to-use false eyelashes can be bent and trimmed to comfortably fit your eye shape. With two styles to choose from we’re sure you’ll find your perfect lash match.

Inspiring is the best magnetic lash choice for makeup lovers who aren’t afraid to go bold. She’s old Hollywood glam mixed with a down-to-earth attitude and makes a trendy statement without going overboard.

Encouraging is a little more bashful and the best magnetic lash for those who prefer a more natural look. Like the girl next door, she’s a sweet and classic beauty that you can’t help but fall for. She’ll give your lashes a naturally-pretty boost while helping you feel confident within your comfort zone.

Plus, you won’t have to spend hours figuring out how to apply magnetic lashes, and with a little practice they can be applied in minutes. Simply draw on the MOODSTRUCK magnetic eyeliner and the lashes’ ten mini magnets will securely grab on for a long-wearing hold that won’t weigh you down.

You’ll also receive ten magnetic anchors that hug your natural lashes so you don’t have to worry about any slipups, plus a magnetic acrylic case that’s perfect for storing your falsies when they aren’t in use. Whether you prefer to make a statement or show off your sweet side, these falsies are your new best friends, giving your look a major boost with the peace of mind that they’re not going anywhere.

Participants of an independent consumer study of the MOODSTRUCK magnetic lashes loved how easy they are to use. In their magnetic lash reviews:

94% said the lashes were easy to remove after 10 hours.
91% said the lashes and eyeliner stayed put—even in humid conditions—up to 10 hours.
Vegan Silk, another name for Polybutylene Terephthalate or PBT, is a synthetic, semi-crystalline thermoplastic. It’s designed to mimic the look and feel of mink while performing better under pressure and maintains its curl and shape under extreme temperatures.
Nylon is a silky, thermoplastic material that easily molds and holds its shape and curl, making it perfect for false lashes.

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Younique by Dylan
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