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YOU·OLOGY day trio

Rise and shine with this trio of cosmetics.  YOU·OLOGY day trio mainstays can help you face the day.  Prepare for the day with the assistance of three YOUOLOGY skin care essentials that you’ve blended and created yourself. You’ll receive a renewing YOUOLOGY cleanser, moisturizing serum, and nourishing day moisturizer, each containing three boosters.  This YOUOLOGY day trio will give your face a bright, clean start to the day.


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YOU·OLOGY day trio

  • Rise and shine with this skin care trio
  • Get ready to face your day with a little help from three YOU·OLOGY skin care staples mixed and made by you. You’ll receive a replenishing YOU·OLOGY cleanser, hydrating YOU·OLOGY serum, and nourishing YOU·OLOGY day moisturizer, each with three boosters of your choice to customize them to your skin’s specific needs. Your day—and your face—will be off to a bright, fresh start with this YOU·OLOGY day trio.

Freshen up with this replenishing cleanser base and three customizable boosters that address your personal skin care needs. Choose from:

  • The exfoliating booster that reveals softer, brighter-looking skin
  • The pore diminishing booster, formulated with skin conditioning ingredients like enantia chlorantha bark
  • The replenishing booster, designed to refresh skin with phospholipids, vitamins, and humectants
  • The oil control booster that mattifies shine with plant extracts and skin conditioning ingredients
  • The hydrating booster that provides a refreshing burst of moisture for healthier-looking skin

Nourish your skin with a 2019 SHAPE Editor’s Pick. Choose three boosters to mix into the hydrating base and create your skin’s dream serum. Choose from:

  • The glow booster with light-reflecting particles for luminous-looking skin
  • The firming booster that helps give the appearance of significantly firmer skin
  • The wrinkle reducing booster to significantly reduce the appearance of crow’s feet and wrinkles
  • The line minimizing booster, formulated with a rich combination of niacinamide (vitamin B3) and CoQ10
  • The brightening booster, brilliantly formulated with vitamin C and licorice extract
  • The elasticity booster that helps refine skin with seaweed extracts and vitamin A derivatives

Take on the day with a hydrating day moisturizer base, individualized for your skin with three boosters hand picked by you. Choose from:

  • The tinting booster that tints your moisturizer for an even-looking, refined complexion
  • The pore diminishing booster to significantly reduce the appearance of pores with ingredients like green tea oil
  • The hydrating booster that uses skin-softening ingredients like safflower seed oil to hydrate instantly and over time
  • The oil control booster to reduce surface oil and shine with vitamins and plant extracts
  • The environmental shield booster that guards and replenishes skin over time for a more youthful appearance
  • The calming booster that helps reduce the appearance of redness
  • The time correcting booster to help promote firmer-looking skin
  • The brightening booster that’s brilliantly formulated with ingredients like niacinamide, ferulic acid, and licorice extract

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Younique by Dylan
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