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YOU·OLOGY liquid makeup remover

YOU·OLOGY liquid makeup remover

Younique liquid makeup remover saves time by instantly removing makeup and leaving a clean face. Its lightweight, non-greasy composition makes it a great liquid eye makeup remover. Younique’s liquid makeup remover is great for multitasking and skin care.


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YOU·OLOGY liquid makeup remover

After a full day of work or play, it’s more than tempting to skip the skin care and climb into bed with your makeup on. Enter YOU·OLOGY liquid makeup remover. This brand-new product is ready to simplify your bedtime routine, giving you more quality time with your dreams. This silky-smooth number easily glides across the face, picking up dirt, makeup, and other imperfections—no rinsing needed. And, not only does its non-greasy formula make it one of the best liquid makeup removers for oily skin, but its good-for-you, hydrating ingredients make it one of the best makeup removers for dry skin, too!

This must-have Younique liquid makeup remover saves you time, quickly removing makeup and leaving behind a fresh, clean face that gets you one step closer to your pillow. Its lightweight, non-greasy formula makes it an easy choice as one of the best liquid eye makeup removers to cut out the hassle of taking off your makeup. If you enjoy both skin care and makeup (and easy multitasking), then don’t miss out on YOU·OLOGY liquid makeup remover.

Whether you’re skin care savvy and keeping an eye out for one of the best makeup removers for dry skin or an eyeshadow enthusiast looking for one of the best liquid eye makeup removers, you’ll enjoy a refreshingly clean feeling after this product has dissolved away dirt and other remnants of your busy day. Spend less time working through the ABCs of makeup removal and cut straight to the Zs!

YOU·OLOGY liquid makeup remover scrubs the day off with ease

  • Cleanly removes makeup without leaving behind a greasy residue—no rinse needed!
  • Simple and easy way to remove makeup after a long day
  • Fragrance-free
    Fill weight: 120 ml / 4 fl oz

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Younique by Dylan
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