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YOUNIQUE TOUCH spray foundation

YOUNIQUE TOUCH spray foundation

Foundation with full coverage and a light-as-air texture

With the FULL COVERAGE YOUNIQUE TOUCH spray foundation, you’ll be on cloud nine in no time.  This lightweight foundation creates a flawless look without clogging your pores, and it comes in the same hues as the TOUCH MINERAL liquid foundation, making finding your exact match a simple.  With the simple aerosol application, you’ll be able to achieve airbrushed effects that rival any pro, leaving you free to attack your day.

Formulated With : 

  • Macadamia nut oil
  • Squalane 
  • Vitamin E

ABOUT YOUNIQUE TOUCH spray foundation

How to use : YOUNIQUE TOUCH spray foundation

Cosmetics needed: TOUCH GLORIOUS mattifying face primer, YOUNIQUE TOUCH complexion+ pressed powder foundation, TOUCH MINERAL liquid foundation, TOUCH BEHOLD prime and set powder, YOUNIQUE kabuki brush, YOUNIQUE contour brush, YOUNIQUE setting powder brush

Follow these steps on how to apply this pressed powder over liquid foundation and create a full-coverage, totally flawless-looking base for your face makeup. 

  1. Prime

    Achieve a smoother, long-lasting foundation with the TOUCH GLORIOUS mattifying face primer. Use your fingers to apply a small amount of product, blending into your skin with circular motions.

  2. Perfect

    Create flawless-looking coverage by learning how to apply this pressed powder over liquid foundation. Start by dotting TOUCH MINERAL liquid foundation on forehead, cheekbones, bridge of nose, and chin, then blend in using any YOUNIQUE foundation brush. Next, apply YOUNIQUE TOUCH complexion+ pressed powder foundation with the best brush for the pressed powder foundation coverage you desire. For medium coverage, apply over entire face with the YOUNIQUE powder/concealer brush. For fuller coverage, apply using the YOUNIQUE kabuki brush.

  3. Contour

    Sculpt your cheekbones with YOUNIQUE TOUCH complexion+ pressed powder foundation. Select a shade that’s one or two shades darker than your liquid foundation. Using the angled end of the YOUNIQUE contour brush, apply the powder directly under your cheekbones, on your jawline, on the sides of your nose, and around your hairline, then blend. Repeat until desired dimension is achieved. 

  4. Set

    Gently shake the powder before opening to disperse TOUCH BEHOLD prime and set powder into sifter. Twist the lid open, then pick up desired amount of product using the YOUNIQUE setting powder brush, tapping off any excess. Gently apply powder over face to set makeup while enjoying the chilling effect.

Key Ingredients & Benefits : YOUNIQUE TOUCH complexion+ pressed powder foundation

ANIMAL TESTING PROMISE : Younique does not test our formulas on animals. In addition, our manufacturers do not test Younique formulas on animals. Younique is a strong supporter of the ethical treatment of animals and does not condone the use of animals for cosmetic testing. We strive to work with third party manufacturers who share these same values.

Younique by Dylan
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